Isee2 Diamond “Beauty Evaluator”….Accurate??

People have been asking us about the Isee2 Machine which ostensibly measures a loose diamonds brilliancy on a performance based assessment scale (Isee 2).

isee 2

Isee2 Machine

On the surface of things this new technology seems pretty cool.

Certainly cannot hurt to use this machine with all of the other scientific tools we use to evaluate and measure diamond beauty and cut precision, no?


What many diamond shoppers do not know is that this machine was engineered and created by this company for the expressed purpose of promoting, marketing, and selling Ideal Cut Diamonds of their own exclusive manufacture.

In order for any company to “lease” the Isee2 diamond machine, a requirement to buy this company’s (overseas diamonds) ideal cut diamonds for stock is placed upon the diamond vendor. This arrangement is a yearly agreement to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Ever hear of the proverbial expression “the fox is guarding the henhouse”?

Certainly a “scientific” company that puts out a product for measuring and assessing diamond beauty, should not have a vested interest in doing so for the (expressed) purpose of selling their own goods….clearly a conflict of interest.

Additionally, besides for a fluff piece here and there regarding what the machine does, there is absolutely no hard data on exactly how this machine evaluates brilliance in a loose diamond.

NO faq’s
NO peer review
NO independent review by any major industry authority
NO information
YES – Clear conflict of interest.

Sounds like a raw deal to me.

Bottom line is that the isee2 measurement for loose diamonds is IMO circumspect as far as the important issues of the inherent conflict of interest that exists, as well as the unanswered questions of exactly how it works, what it measures and how that ‘measurement’ actually correlates with the beauty of any diamond.